Just ask-myKA and myKA brings the answers to you

The world’s first find service revolutionises the way people acquire knowledge by replacing “search” with “find”. ask-myKA stops millions of wasted hours searching.

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With ask-myKA students, researchers, current affairs readers, citizens, and business professionals have the power to find information in an instance.

Save Your Valuable Time

ask-myKA significantly cuts down on all the extra time you spend searching for information skipping between web-browers, reporting tools and your work.

Fact Checking

False or out-of-date facts? Gone. myKA catches critical mistakes and out-of-date factual errors. Improving your report, article, or dissertation.

Analytics made easy

Want to explore data but baffled by Excel, Qlikview, SPSS or data crunching tools. You’ll effortlessly find answers to simple and complex analytical questions.

Ease to use

Using language question cuts down on any learning curve. No navigating menu options nor functions.

Quick way to organise & share

Enables you to bookmark, comment and share data and information.

Anticipates your needs

Enables you to receive customised data based on your interests and needs.

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myKA embeds into where you work Microsoft Office Outlook and Word, Web browsers and Smart-phone app. No more switching between browsers, search engines, companies internal reporting tools and your work. Instead myKA bring the answers to you.

The team behind the project

Clive S Ewerse


Mark Dempsey

Business Development

Riduanur Rahman


Coming soon ask-myKA MS Word & Outlook add-in, Web-browser add-in, Phone App

Faster, easier, better, more fun.

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